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Natalie, TinkerTown and the Big Bob Top

There once was a girl named Natalie
Who’s mind worked only mechanically
Her fascination of gears and cog wheels and all
Led her to a place named Tinker Town this Fall

“My oh My!” She gasped, as she peered at the wall
These halls are made of only rollers and balls!
What fun is this, as I slide on this floor,
Up, down and sideways as I move thru the door

But as she left the hall and crazy ball behind
A new room awaits her, with a task of different kind

Take these sticks all colored and bold
Climb the wall and place them in various holds
Pull the lever to let a shiny ball drop
See where it lands... plink, plunk, ker-plop!

And to her amazement, when the ball came to rest
was a pretty blue lever... for yet another strange test!

Her little mechanical mind, was racing with glee
What’s this strange lever, and where should it be??

And then she saw them...
Monkeys and Vampires- a Bunny or two
"These are the biggest toys EVER!
Oh! Which one will I choose??”

So onto the early bird
with the funny green worm...
She fit in that lever, and gave it a turn...

Her eyes swallowed her face
As the bird dipped to and fro
That whirl of the gears
Was the best sound she’d know!

POP went a noise
As the wheels moved no more
And DROP went a ball
“Now what the blazes is this for??”

Then a new whirl hit her ears
so she followed the noise
And stumbled upon, a room past the toys..

And then that Wheel... big as the moon!!
(well ... at least that’s what she thought)
Laid on its side, as if remarkably caught!

So, suddenly this ball
clenched senselessly in  hand
suddenly made sense
“I’ll spin it! And see where it lands!”

Ahh this new task, is one of color not skill
I’ll let the wheel spin, and may it drop where it will...

ZOOM! the wheel began to spin
her little feets working fast
As the ball soared down the pipes
Reaching the color wheel finally, at last!

Round round round
yellow, no green, no blue, now red!
Pump pump pump
As the wheel spin-spun-sped!

Any finally it stops
resting on her favorite color green
She runs to the edge
And grab the weirdest zipper she’d seen!

A zipper pull with no zipper
would normally seem quite odd
but all along the floor
lay these flat bright colored pods.

So green she now knew
was the color for her to seek
And upon finding the fit
Unzipped it, ... and popped her head in for a peek!

A TUNNEL! Oh wow!
Where does it go?
Twisting and turning
Under the smooth floor below.

so she went.

Dark, dark, dark and even darker darkness yet
Until a small bit of light, the darkness and natalie met

And when she left that darkness
she emerged in such a place
a contraption with funny gadgets
In a mini-robots face!

The controls moved the arms
And wiggled the fingers too
And laid out in a pit to grab
Were toys! A million six hundred and two!
I like bunnys! She thought, with an odd little grin
And grab the one with one foot
With the funny yellow pin…

Upon closer notice, this pin was some sort of KEY!
Ah HA! Said Natalie proudly
There’s more for me to see!

So she crawled back through the tunnel
And could see a shimmeing light
Across the room, near the door
That wasn’t shut so tight…

And when she slipped on through
She couldn’t believe hers eyes
Towering up above her
Was a robot?? Er something.. of amazing grandure size!!

Well no one will ever know
She disappeared so quick to see
What secret door would open
With her new discovered key

But there are some who will try to tell you
Whether you choose to believe or not
That Natalie is still in there somewhere…
But now as the




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